Levels below reflect total giving within this calendar year. If you have questions about your year-to-date giving record, or your lifetime giving record, please email us.

Donor Level Yearly Giving
Founders Circle  $1,000+
Benefactor  $500+
Ambassador  $350+

Student Pharmacist Yearly Giving
1990 Club  $19.90 or any amount!
Fill out this page for a secure, tax-deductible, one-time donation. AMCP Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. A donation receipt will be emailed to you upon successful completion of this page.

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Steven G. Avey Host Committee

The AMCP Foundation is proud to be the charitable arm of AMCP. Together with Employers Health, we will honor this year’s recipient of the Steven G. Avey Award during AMCP 2020. We will recognize this esteemed individual during the Foundation Reception preceding the Awards Dinner on Thursday, April 23 in Houston, TX.  

RSVP for the Foundation Reception as a 2020 Host Committee Member with a donation of $250. Patrons giving $500 will be recognized as Host Committee Co-Chairs. Committee Members and Co-Chairs will be listed in the event signage and communications. 

Thank you! 

Host Committee (as of January 31, 2020)
Susan Cantrell, Co-Chair
Chris Goff, Co-Chair
Paula Eichenbrenner


Avey Host Committee Donation

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